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A podcast for conscious parents who drop the f-bomb. A lot.

We are the overthinkers, the dreamers, and the doers. We are parenting in a radically different way than those before us. But our divine vision gets blurry can be such a pain in the ass. Let's work from the inside out, in a whole brain, whole body way to mitigate the crappy behavior. Not just with our kids but with ourselves. So you can be the parent you envision.

Hosted by Jamie Glowacki, Author of "Oh Crap! Potty Training" and the soon to be released title, "Oh Crap! I Have a Toddler: Tackling These Crazy Awesome Years―No Time-outs Needed"

Jun 7, 2019

Jamie’s personal parenting style straddles the line between new and old, and she often likes to look back and see how child-rearing strategies and expectations have changed over the decades. For example, nowadays it’s far more acceptable for a child not to be fully potty trained until 3 or even 4 years old when a long time ago even 2 years was unthinkable. We need to ensure that these often inaccurate expectations from our early years don’t prevent us from teaching our kids the wrong lessons and passing on even more unrealistic expectations.

In this episode, Jamie debunks some of the myths that have been built up around your own childhood, argues for what you should take time to appreciate instead, and suggests ways you can help your little ones feel like they’re a useful part of the “village” that is family.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Your childhood memories are never as magical as you recall them being; for example, you never remember having to pay the bills.
  • The downside to these memories is that they give us completely unrealistic expectations for how early child-rearing years should go and prevent us from enjoying them for how they actually are.
  • A surprising fact: the idea of a teenager is a relatively recent concept!
  • Viewing family as part of a “village” your child belongs to and feels compelled to fit in with.
  • How free, open play helps develop imagination in a way merchandised products simply don’t.
  • The way a simple anthole provided Jamie’s son Pascal with a wealth of curiosity and focus.
  • Thinking of ways we can engender adult behavior and fine motor skills (and teaching your little one to prepare their own food).



“We are being led by the nose by marketing that we have to make our children’s childhood magical.”

“Childhood is training to be an adult.”

“We’ve gotten away from the true goal, which is to raise healthy, happy, competent adults.”

“You can say ‘good job!’ all you want but it doesn’t build self-esteem.”

“You’re going to feel like a great parent because you’re nurturing this home life for your child.”


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